Tucson AZ and the Escapade 57 RV Rally

I spent a week at the Pima County Fairgrounds for the Escapees’ 57th Escapade RV rally. The Escapade is held every year and as luck would have it this one was in Tucson.  It was just me and 950 other RVs-everything from tents to mega-rigs.  The Escapade is a chance to connect with other RVers, learn about the latest RV products and attend workshops on various subjects. I learned about RVing in Mexico, how to make my propane refrigerator safe from fire, and how to exit my rig in an emergency.  I purchased some software to document my travels. You can learn more about the Escapees here.


I lucked out with parking on the polo field.  Most people were parked in the dirt!


I took care of RV related items while at the Escapade.   Good news!  I’m underweight!  Well…not me…my rig.  I had the rig weighed and found out I’m 450 lbs under my weight limit.  Knowing  the weight of each axle allows for proper inflation of the tires.  That’s very important because a tire blow out can ruin your day, at best,  and cost a lot of money to fix the damage.  I purchased a steering stabilizer to minimize steering wheel movement when it is windy and when large semi-trucks pass me on the highways.   I also added a temperature controller and fan for the refrigerator.  Refrigerator fires are in the top two insurance claims for RVs.  I’ve always been concerned about this issue.  The controller monitors the temperature of the boiler in the cooling unit and shuts off the propane for ten minutes if it gets too hot, thereby preventing a fire. I’m happy with both purchases.  And probably the most important fix was my emergency exit window. It wasn’t functioning properly. That has always concerned me.  Now it works easily and I can escape in a emergency.  (Thanks Joel and his assistant Owen!) 


Surgery on my emergency exit window


People of all ages attended the rally.  There were full-time families with children, full-time working people and of course retirees. The social aspect was a blast!  I joined in on the Solo’s happy hours and met some great solos.     I met a 92-year-old man who stills travels full-time in his new Airstream Trailer. Now that’s optimistic!  Inspirational or scary, not sure which.


92 and still RVing and dancing!


The closing party included a 90th birthday celebration for the founder of the Escapees club.  She founded the club  in the 1970s.  There was a dance and the 92 year old asked me to dance.  See folks…I still got it!

It was a great week and I’m so glad I planned ahead to attend the rally.  I had no idea how much I would learn, how much fun I would have, and the great people I would meet.  What a wonderful group of people out here on the road.

I made new friends at the rally and I hope to see them on the road in the future.

I’m really loving this lifestyle!

Next stop Benson, Tombstone and Bisbee.


Another desert sunset.  This never gets old!


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